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About us


Role2Play is an indoor child-friendly town where children can pretend to be whoever they want to be, whilst making sense of the world we live in. Each play area is fully resourced to reflect the different parts of society that we live in. This type of play would be suited to children who are independent walkers to aged 7. As much as the children are all having fun in these sessions, they are actually learning at the same time, role play brings along a whole host of benefits too.

Role2Play comprises of different parts of the community through well thought-out play areas that replicate cafes, supermarkets, medical centres, construction sites, vets, all creatively put together, so children can learn more about our world safely whilst building fundamental skills.

Children love nothing more than to imitate what we do as adults, and what better role models to learn from than you and everything that you do in your daily lives. Role2Play has well-thought-out play areas that encourage your little ones to play a role in a safe environment.

The facility has been purposefully built with parents and carers in mind to make their visit as smooth and pleasant (dare we say fun?) as possible – even with children in tow.