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About us


Role2Play is an indoor child-friendly town where children can pretend to be whoever they want to be, whilst making sense of the world we live in. Each play area is fully resourced to reflect the different parts of society that we live in. This type of play would be suited to children who are independent walkers to aged 7. As much as the children are all having fun in these sessions, they are actually learning at the same time, role play brings along a whole host of benefits too.

Role2Play comprises of different parts of the community through well thought-out play areas that replicate cafes, supermarkets, medical centres, construction sites, vets, all creatively put together, so children can learn more about our world safely whilst building fundamental skills.

Children love nothing more than to imitate what we do as adults, and what better role models to learn from than you and everything that you do in your daily lives. Role2Play has well-thought-out play areas that encourage your little ones to play a role in a safe environment.

The facility has been purposefully built with parents and carers in mind to make their visit as smooth and pleasant (dare we say fun?) as possible – even with children in tow.

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Role play has been massively overlooked in children's’ play and it is when children get into the role that they are able to experience all the different channels that imagination and skills it brings. The value that role play brings to children's’ minds has exponential benefits to the little one’s development. There is a multitude of benefits but read on to find out the main ones…

Understanding of the world

Children are exposed to new life situations and new places on a daily basis, it ignites their curiosity to the world around them. In order for them to make sense of it all, they use what they’ve observed, in their play – pretend play to be exact. By experimenting on how to care for their sick pet at the vet, or changing tyres for their car or even buying groceries for a dinner party, they are investigating and exploring all the time. Once children are placed in an environment where it captivates them, all they’ll want to do is find out more about the world they live in. Role play enables children to learn through creative play in a completely safe environment.

Social Skills, Language and communication

You will observe lots of interaction in Role2play, whether it’d be at the supermarket, medical centre or at the garage, you will hear your children communicating with each other, when it comes to taking turns or the vocabulary they are trialling out in their new role. Learning to listen to ideas from others as well as sharing thoughts of their own. What’s more is that whilst they are pretending, they somehow lose their inhibitions and become more confident also because they are merely ‘acting’ and be more empathetic in seeing things from other people’s perspectives.

By engaging your children in role play, they are revealing so many different layers of learning which they aren’t even aware of. For an early years educator, we feel this is the perfect type of play, where children are fully immersed and captivated in their own learning. These are fundamental skills that children would need to develop as they enter into pre-school ages, building up their confidence in unimaginable ways. This type of play is invaluable and can’t be overlooked, you’ll be surprised too, when observing your child you will be amazed at what your child already knows and how proficient they can get by in everyday life.

Confidence Building and Empathy

As soon as children step into Role2Play, it will give them the confidence to explore what they already know about the world but also gives them confidence into discovering new experiences. All this in a safe environment, where everyone in Role2Play is busy with jobs to carry out. To make sense of real-life scenarios, they are thinking about how they would deal with situations in someone else’s shoes, by using empathy, quite a sophisticated characteristic.


How amazing it is that children have such a valuable skill and they are able to use it at their disposal, given an opportunity to do so. We believe at Role2Play, they are able to freely imagine what role they would like to be that day. Why can’t a firefighter be doing their weekly grocery shopping, after saving a cat from a tree? Or a construction worker suddenly had to fix a wall at the school, whilst keeping school children safe in their classrooms? Children have imagination in abundance, they are given lots of chances to be as inventive and creative as they like.

  The Owner



First and foremost a mum of 2 boys, 4 years old and 15 months. A former primary teacher in an inner London primary school worked mainly with Early Years and Year 1 children. Loved the creativity that a reception teacher was able to bring into the classroom, now I can do that every day, knowing that it’ll bring excitement to children as soon as they step inside. These days, I really enjoy finding new experiences with my boys and keeping them entertained is more than a full-time job for me.